Justin Trudeau Talking Bobblehead

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This custom bobblehead of Justin Trudeau has an audio file of Justin Trudeau’s promise to restore CBC funding and his opinion of the importance of public broadcasting in Canada. This bobblehead was presented to Mr. Trudeau as a “Thank You” for living up to his commitment of restoring CBC funding.

The bobblehead is available in English and French versions.

Sample the audio file below by clicking the link below.

English Version


French Version


Limited quantities of this bobblehead are available and all proceeds will be donated to Friends of Canadian Broadcasting to continue their work as watchdogs of public broadcasting and their fight for survival of local programming across Canada.

For more information on this important organization click the link below.
Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

Watch the presentation



English, French

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14 reviews
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14 reviews for Justin Trudeau Talking Bobblehead

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